• Tobacconist, bartender, and responsible vending credentials are all part of Cory Carnley's impressive resume.

    Cory Carnley, a resident of Gainesville, Florida, makes travel more than a pastime. Cory Carnley enjoys traveling. And that is a significant understatement. The easiest way to describe Cory Carnley of Gainesville is to say that he lives for it. In the same way that others need air, food, and shelter, the Florida native must travel. As a result, he exploits every possibility for discovery.


    While this may seem abundant, yeomanry has an element to his experiences. Cory Carnley is not traveling to exotic locations. Neither is the forging unknown paths. However, he forges his way. Cory Carnley of Gainesville is not sitting around doing anything. He has turned his interest into a profession. Now that he can commercialize his lifestyle, he no longer travels only for pleasure.


    As a travel blogger, he shares his journeys with the whole globe. Cory Carnley, a native of Gainesville, will be the first to acknowledge that he became a travel writer primarily by accident. Like most kids his age, he desires experiences above material goods. Therefore, instead of purchasing the newest footwear or technology, he packed a suitcase and departed. Because he wanted to share his travels, he created his blog as a digital journal. With each post, his audience rose.


    Initially, he supported his excursions via freelance employment. He sold photographs and authored essays. It was the digital counterpart of the phrase "would labor for food" Now, Cory Carnley controls his own media empire. He has amassed sufficient funds through sponsored projects and commercials to organize his next journey. This is all that matters to him.

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